30th of May

I remember writing a blog post last year with the same title just because I heard of a K-Drama entitled “Youth of May”. The month of May and its name can be used playfully to create titles – it’s actually fun and funny. Funny because I always hated this month because of summer heat. ButContinue reading “30th of May”

DE S02E05

I just posted on my instagram stories that I decided to do a midnight “me time” stroll. I then went to 7/11 to buy a small cup of hot chocolate to accompany me while I sit comfortably in front of a closed store. I am currently feeling the wind breeze from the sea. We allContinue reading “DE S02E05”

DE S02E04

It’s been a while since I went here in my safest bubble. I was contemplating if I should write now or keep all my thoughts and burst them out by writing in front of the beach. I’ll be on vacation starting on Sunday and I have no idea what to expect. It’s my first week-longContinue reading “DE S02E04”

DE S02E03

I waited for exactly 14 minutes before I started this post. Nothing special, I just wanted to write this on the last day of February. I just stopped for a bit when I realized that we are now done with two months of 2022. Personally, I’m looking forward for the activities that I plan toContinue reading “DE S02E03”

DE S02E02

I woke up at 1:44 PM yesterday. I already find it hard to sleep before 3 AM. So, if I woke up so late, how can I expect my eyes to close earlier? That’s why I’m here. To write, to update whoever reads this, and to help myself fall asleep as much as I can.Continue reading “DE S02E02”

DE S02E01

How are you all doing? Me? I feel mostly the same but somewhat different. Though to be vey honest, I can’t identify what’s with 2022 as it feels very similar to 2020 and 2021. I know, I know, most of you might feel hopeless as we still can’t see the end of this global pandemic.Continue reading “DE S02E01”


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