Life Update?

I don’t know what title I want this post to have. I just want to maybe document what I feel recently? Or maybe what has been going on with the parts of my life I want to share here?

Either way, I ought to decompress tonight after eating baked mac and some Korean bread that my mom and my brother ecstatically want me to taste.

*Few minutes after*

I literally finished the two blocks before eating and I’m now back with a cup of berry tea beside my iPad.

As always, I have no idea where to start so I’ll just let my mind play and be random as my thoughts control my fingers on my cute keyboard. Okay, so, I just bought five black oversized t-shirts from Uniqlo yesterday. I ordered it online few days ago and I picked them up after getting an email that my items are at my chosen store. I just gave up a pile of t-shirts I don’t intend to use and they ended up to my brother’s fiancée. She is the type of a girl who’s very practical and does not care about branded stuff. I was happy that someone will be using the clothes I initially wanted to throw away.

I’m half-way through with my goal to curate my clothing cabinet. It was really an eyesore before. I was using the same clothes over and over again and more than half were just there. So, I planned to get rid of what I’m not comfortable wearing and just intentionally purchase what I actually want to wear. I got this idea from a YouTuber – her channel is “Malama Life”. Go check her out. 🙂

My slow shift to an eco-friendly lifestyle made me consistent with consciously choosing products I will use moving forward. It has been months since I last used a bottled shampoo. I have been using shampoo bars and I can tell you, my hair looked better. I am just finishing my last three conditioner tubes and I will also shift to conditioner bars. Even by little, my choice not to use bottled shampoo helped lessening plastic waste.

Speaking of being environment-friendly, I am having this dilemma. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but I work for Shell. It’s impossible not knowing this multinational corporation. I’m in conflict if I want to work for this company in the coming years. This is something I’m afraid to share to many people I work with because I might get not-so-nice reactions. I wanted to do my research more. If the time comes when I don’t believe in Shell’s vision towards environmental responsibilities, I might leave.

Let me talk about work since I just said where I’m currently working for. I have been in an assistant manager role for the past eight months. The jump of my salary wasn’t that high from my previous role. But I already knew of that. I was told that expectations will become significantly higher (which is a laughable situation, slight increase in money but huge increase in responsibilities and accountability). But I also prepared for that, mentally and emotionally. However, I wasn’t informed that along with working with minimal supervision – there’s minimal support offered when it comes to your mental health. It’s not totally zero. But you have to tell what’s going on before people extend their hands to help. It seemed that I was instantly forced to become stronger and less human at work. Luckily, those with similar job grades/roles in my cluster became my friends. We got each other’s backs. When no one else asks how we’re doing, we know, we can ask each other and rant about many things over a dinner and a cup of coffee.

And connecting it with life outside work, I also noticed how my number of friends diminished. I also found it hard to make new friends even if I gave ample effort. But I guess this is reality slapping me hard again that your friends in life will naturally gravitate towards you. No forced relationships. Whew, I never knew life would be like this.

My mind says this is all for now. After publishing this, I’ll finish my tea and try my best to go to sleep while watching K-Dramas. Stay healthy and stay safe! ‘Til next time.

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