DE S02E04

It’s been a while since I went here in my safest bubble. I was contemplating if I should write now or keep all my thoughts and burst them out by writing in front of the beach. I’ll be on vacation starting on Sunday and I have no idea what to expect. It’s my first week-long travel without my family. First of many. Maybe I’ll use my experience there for my next travels? Let’s see.

2022 has been a very productive year in meeting some of my old friends. I think I went out more this year than in 2020 and 2021 combined. It’s part of my goal, really. And I feel like I’m on track. But there’s something in me that also makes me feel that I am slowly uncovering what’s lacking in my life. I say this is good sign, whilst being lost – I think, I’m slowly creating who I am? I’m actually shifting my belief from we must find ourselves to we should create ourselves. Or maybe, it’s a good and healthy combination of both?

On a side note, I’m writing this while having my protein drink and some liempo leftover. I left my phone as the love of my life is sleeping peacefully. I opened my WordPress here in my mac instead of phone to not disturb him. I just wanted to share this piece of information as it is fun to document this raw and non-special moment.

Going back to the mountain of thoughts I have in my tired mind. I’m thinking of sharing bits and pieces of who I am now. I may compromise my privacy but it’s really nice to look back after several years on how much I’ve grown.

First, I think I already found the love of my life. I seriously can’t imagine loving another human being other than my partner. I can’t imagine myself having an intimate relationship with another person. So lucky! Am I? I think so. In my teenage years up until my early twenties, I struggled to find one human to love me. I was blown away when I thought of how God gave me that person as early as 23 years old. Now I know why when I think of my future, they are all about my personal dreams. All the places I want to go, all the food I want to eat, and all the experiences I want to share. Love isn’t something I think deeply. I shouldn’t. I already have that one person I’ll get to enjoy the rest of my years with.

Next, I love mother nature. I am starting to transition to a more eco-friendly living. If I can just volunteer to do work to help the environment, I would! Lately, #LetTheEarthBreathe trended all over my social media. And it should be! We can contribute but those power must also do their part in saving our only home. It’s high time for world leaders to take this seriously. To whoever reads this, I encourage you to reevaluate your living. Trust me! You can save money by having an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Another one, I decide where I take money. Not the other way around. I’m not saying that those who seriously want that much money in their bank accounts are living a less meaningful life. Personal finance management and journey is unique in every individual. But I want to share my thoughts about it. First, I decided on the lifestyle I want to live and then I determine how much money I need to sustain that while having that peace of mind of being financially secured for rainy days. I can sustain myself (this might change though because of inflation) and live happily with a net salary of less than Php 40,000. When I achieved that amount of pay, I pulled out all the pressure that was inside of my head…. I now can live comfortably. If ever I will gun for a promotion in the future, that would mean for something else and definitely not just for money.

Last, and it is related to what I wrote above, is that I’m not comfortable with the idea of extravagant lifestyle. I love the simplicity of life. Every time I remove one thing that I initially thought of as so important, I am baffled when I realize that it actually isn’t. I stayed away from instagram for three months last year and I lived a good life even without it. Same goes with any of the expensive material things that I owned. I shared before that I bought this macbook I’m using and honestly, I just realized that this one’s a nice to have but definitely not what I need. Do I regret buying it? No. Every time I see this, I am reminded to be more careful for my next purchases. In order to utilize every peso that I used to buy this, I’ll just use this macbook for a minimum of seven years.

I’ll stop here. My mind’s telling me to stop sharing, for now. I hope you all had a good rest as I’m getting mine next week. I’m quite nervous to travel by air but I must get used to this. I am personally excited to what my next months are gonna be. But for now, I’ll go back to my bed and have a good night’s sleep.

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