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How are you all doing?

Me? I feel mostly the same but somewhat different. Though to be vey honest, I can’t identify what’s with 2022 as it feels very similar to 2020 and 2021. I know, I know, most of you might feel hopeless as we still can’t see the end of this global pandemic. But personally, I think that we need to live with it. It’s close to impossible to zero out the new cases as we encounter new variants. Living with it is the best we can do to continue living the new normal.

I’m writing this post after waking up from a phone call. I got my order from Shopee! I’m so excited as I got the wall decors of the other five members of Exo. From my previous post, I well-said that they saved my 2021 so it will be better for me to see their faces everyday with the wall decors I bought. It gave life to my little room. The driver got lost finding our address so I waited for about ten minutes and when I got back to my bed, my body refuses to sleep again. So, I picked up my laptop, opened my spotify to listen to J_ust (listen to this South Korean singer!), and decided to have a new entry to my online journal.

Truthfully, I still don’t know what 2022 will be like for me. Right now, I’m just praying that all goes well as we plan to celebrate Christmas and New Year in London with my sister. My January and December are already filled up. My sister is currently here and the best part of it is that I’m working from home so I have more time with her. We are also getting a tattoo on the 23rd which I’m very excited about. I’m not sure why I’m so worked up with it but I guess I’m just in the process of knowing myself more. Speaking of that, I’m happily having a different journey as I traverse my 25th year on earth. Well, in terms of career, I am not quite sure if my current job will land me to a place I desire or whether I want my future to be similar with what I do now. But in terms of knowing myself as a person, I think I’m going into the right direction. I now have a new goal which is to buy a house and lot of my own.

Yes, I do have a house now but I want a place where I can live on my own. I think I can learn so much when I have no one to lean on and do everything by myself. This is a tough goal that requires tough decisions – which makes it worthwhile.

Another thing that goes around my mind lately is about living intentionally. I subscribed to “Malama Life” in YouTube and I love how calming her vlogs are. It grounds me to the life I actually want. A simple, quiet, slow, and peaceful life. I’m starting to give away a lot of clothes, simplifying the things I have, and just buying those that spark joy (inserting Marie Kondo).

Living outside the metro for almost a month changed my outlook. I’ve always been a “city guy” and I can remember writing in this blog (search up “Tiny”) how I badly wanted a condo around Mandaluyong or Makati. I thought I can’t get used to a less convenient place. But I was proven wrong by this place I’m currently living in. The next house and lot I want to purchase is also around here. I’m just not in the state where I want to stay within Metro Manila. Not now, for sure.

My day-to-day life has been slower lately. And I’m not complaining. It’s a complete opposite of how much I wanted to end 2021 every single day. I simply don’t care that much what day are we in. I’m just living life one day at a time. Though I still want to do something everyday – okay, okay, it’s time to plug! I waited for this. Lol. I’m just kidding. Please like on Facebook! I’m a co-editor in that page. I found this as a way to make my 2022 different from 2020 and 2021.

As I get ready to take my morning shower (this is the first agenda of my everyday, I don’t feel good waking up and stepping out of my room without taking a good shower), I am planning to do three things for this lazy Sunday: 1) Finalize my tattoo designs, 2) Make a post in Korean Bes, and 3) Construct financial goals for 2022.

This is the end of this blog post. I hope you also find a new courage to live life despite seeing no signs of betterment with covid. This shouldn’t stop us from living – our time here on earth diminishes everyday – and I wish you good health while planning out this new year.

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