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It’s been a while since I got my energy back to write a new entry in this “diary” series for 2021. And it took some time because my mind was so busy thinking of ways how to divert my attention to new things after I finally moved on from a hard chapter of my life career-wise.

So, what’s new to me? I started investing! It was an enjoyable process for me because of a YouTuber named “Nicole Alba”. Search her name and you might also enjoy her vlogs. There were topics that seemed too complex for me before, but she explained it in a much easier way. I’m ashamed to say this but as a management accounting graduate, I honestly am dumb for anything investment-related topics. But that was before. I can share something now after watching more than ten videos of Nicole and other content creators who cover the same topics.

I now have this very simple dream in terms of salary – enough money for savings, expenses, and investment. I don’t need a lavish lifestyle, it isn’t for me. Just waking up without thinking of any financial problems is already an achievement. Growing up not having too much really makes you appreciate financial freedom or independence in a whole different level.

I also mentioned earlier that I went through so much career-wise this year and I want to finally open up that I went through problems with the house that we are building. Thankfully, the finish line isn’t unattainable anymore but the stress it caused was traumatic. My savings were also affected. I needed to shell out money to push through with the damages brought by our previous contractor who used our money for his personal reasons. I understand that he was left with no option but it isn’t our fault that he had problems. We had problems too, and the money we gave him are hard-earned and we aren’t rich. A few hundred thousand pesos is already too much for us. We then found a more trustworthy worker to complete the rest of our new home. But you know what, thinking of all we went through for that house, I really am certain that my second home is a condominium unit. I don’t want to go through all the processes of building a home, I just want a finished unit that I can transfer once I paid the required downpayment.

Owning my second home (the house that we are about to finish is also partly mine, I share the property’s name with my brother) is actually my next big goal. And I’m also happy to share with you that I’m typing this blog post in my new MacBook Air! This is the most expensive gift I gave to myself. Ironically, this is not a gift because I achieved a lot this year. I achieved more in the previous years. But as a working adult, 2021 is the year I endured the most. I also had covid last September. Physically, mentally, and emotionally, I was really challenged. But still, I am here. Thriving, struggling but surviving. So I rewarded myself for that fact. And to tell you authentically, it felt so good. I was elated to receive my package from apple. I will strongly suggest that you do this too. Reward yourself for hanging in there especially during this pandemic.

Looking back, I never really gifted myself anything expensive. It took me five years of work before I became comfortable spending this much for a single purchase. It felt like a small version of “Now, it’s about me” because ever since I started working, it’s all about sustaining a life for my family. I can really say that days are getting better. And I have this newly found hope that the years ahead of me will become brighter. For anyone who’s losing patience with life’s hardship, hang in there, work hard every day, and you’ll just see and realize one day that you are already far from where you started.

I smiled a little bit now and I stopped writing while having a thought of making a blog post in 2026 – using this MacBook Air while chillin’ in my newly bought condominium unit in Mandaluyong or Makati. I’ve been told of the power of manifesting so I’ll think everyday that my vision will become a reality. I’ll just keep on grinding in any job that’ll provide me the means to live and to dream.

That’s all I can share for now. I hope you’re all healthy while we are hopefully seeing the end of this dark tunnel that we started walking through in 2020. Take care!

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