I hear Jose Mari Chan silently humming his ever famous Christmas songs. In less than 60 days, “Ber”months will be waving at us. In our country, Christmas starts in September. But I didn’t feel it last year. Would this year be any different?

I went to a mall after being stuck in months at home around September last year. I was supposed to feel elated to be out but when I saw few people while jolly Christmas songs are being played in SM, I felt uneasy and unusual. This isn’t the Christmas season I was used to. I hated it back then because I don’t like being around with so many people. But when the situation went full circle, I found myself missing what I hated.

Fast forward to this day, the 185th day of the year – I am wishing for a different season. A happier one. I guess we can quite celebrate with increasing number of people getting vaccinated. I registered here in Quezon City but I also have one with our company. Vaccines before meant a sword to normalize covid like a flu, but now it means more layer of comfort when going out. And I’m all for it because the walls in our house are slowly looking like steel cages.

I’m still spending a lot of my time watching Korean dramas. I’m still at awe whenever I get to encounter stories that give me hope in life, in general. Those dramas were a source of entertainment at first but now I watch them for the lessons I will get. I’m actually thinking of doing a review or making another site for K-Dramas. Should I?

I am carefully living my days before getting my vaccine. I feel like I’m in a crucial period of my life wherein I need to win over covid until I get my first and second dose. And so far, I am winning.

As of writing, I’m on my 185th day of winning.

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