I just need to say it. I’m starting to write this blog at 12:34 AM. It’s just cute. Just agree with me.

There are some good things that happened to me this month and one of them is that I was able to buy a new phone for 12,590 pesos! I’m so proud of that because I was planning to buy Samsung M51 and it costs more. When we arrived at SM, I immediately went to the Samsung stall and asked for the model and the lady said that it is not available but I can order it online. I was sad for a bit because I wanted a new phone to go home with me that day. I was close to considering other models but good thing my brother stopped me from making an impractical choice. I then went on to buy this Redmi Note 10 Pro. Honestly, I still got what I wanted – good battery life.

As an apple fan, I would love to stay with the brand and I actually thought of buying the 2020 SE. But you know, needless to say, it’s more expensive. I wasn’t sad at all after I realize this. Purchasing a gadget may it be a smartphone, a tablet, or a laptop is an important decision that you’ll make especially if you have budget constraints. If you’re rich, then don’t mind what I’m writing. But if you are like me, know first what kind of user you are. Then you decide afterwards. This is why I’m happy with my new phone. It caters to my needs but it didn’t hurt my savings.

This is the first blog entry that I’m doing with my new phone. đŸ™‚

Moving on to the next that I would like share. It’s the fifth month of the year yet we are still far from where we ought to be. I know it’s a global crisis but I can’t help but to feel tired at home. I want to freely go to the mall and go to my safe space (movie theaters). I want to eat at any restaurants of my choice. I want to try on new clothes even though I won’t buy any of them because I’m not yet rich. Basically, I just miss being free.

At work, nothing much is happening. My role will be gone by the end of next year so I guess it’s a combination of good and bad news. Good because we were informed early so we can strategize or do any preparations. And bad because it made me think if that was already a sign – my time with the company I’m working for is over and I’m meant to be somewhere else. Actually, I’ve already decided to apply for work at other companies. I’m praying that I will be led to His plans. Though I can truthfully say that my current company is my “home company” – it’s my comfort zone and a lot of my values align with theirs. But the need for money can change everything. We are still doing fine but I needed more assurance – this is the reason why I decided to step a foot outside of that home.

Please pray for me as I try to embark an uncomfortable change. I don’t know what’s in store for me but I’ll never know unless I make an effort to peak at it.

That’s all for now. Oh, for the title of this entry, I decided to name it “neutral” because life for me has been a balance of ups and downs lately. There are days when my heart authentically smiles but there are days when the sun shines with dim light.

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