DE S01E03 (most random)

Have you ever imagined how life will be like after the pandemic? I honestly can’t. Human interaction for me is like a foreign concept. Aside from my family, I only connect with people by need. It’s as if I only mean business when I go out.

No, I’m not writing this on a sad note. I’m actually smiling a little because of how our world turned upside down. It feels like a dream but no matter how many times I wake up, I still see face masks, face shields, and alcohol as part of life essentials. What happened? Really. I’m at awe with how things are right now.

Our normal lives have changed. Oh, is it really the normal life? Or is the concept of normal life a man-made one? And now we are redefining it. I wonder how history will be written after our generation passed. I want to read it in heaven. I know my name won’t be anywhere else in history books but I just want to know what truth will be written by the future authors. (But my name will be here, I hope this blog won’t be buried after I’m gone. This is my life’s footprints.)

I had a quite good day. Nothing to do much at work and I was able to close a bank account. But I haven’t deposited it yet to my other account because too many people lined up and I don’t have the patience to wait. I hope I can wake up earlier tomorrow so the line won’t be as long.

My days are becoming more boring. But I’m not stressed. I just enjoy the days with my little ways. They said, “only dead fish go with the flow”, and I’ve been fine as a dead fish. Not sure though how long will this last. But you know what, I’ve learned not to worry about tomorrow for today. If I know I’ll worry about something tomorrow, then I’ll get to chill today. Quite a good mindset, yeah? Please say yes. Lol.

You’ll read random topics in each paragraph. I’ll apologize in advance but that’s how my mind works now. Random, unfiltered, and easygoing. By that, I want to share a thought. How I love my earphones. Especially now that we can’t talk much outside, I rely on music, saved Netflix episodes, and downloaded videos for entertainment. And to enjoy that, I need my earphones. It’s like a good friend that keeps me sane. Funny thing is, when I look for smartphones, it’s a plus if I see one that supports 3.5 mm headphone jack. I just can’t seem to be onboarded with wireless earphones yet. Or maybe I don’t want to spend cash on them?

Speaking of spending cash – even buying a new phone. I limit my budget to a maximum of 20k pesos. It’s just right with my favorite feature (about headphone jack). I love apple products but it feels like I’m being forced to buy their airpods with their newer iPhone models. I’m not exactly sure what got into me but suddenly my mindset about smartphones changed. For me, it’s now a tool. Before, it’s part of my fashion. Did it make sense? No.

I enjoyed writing this blog even though it led to nowhere. Just like how we are now, no one knows where we are heading to. Is it something to feel anxious about? Yes, no or maybe, not yet.


  1. Carol says:

    Hi! Just want to tell you I enjoy reading your blog! Your perception at random things is inspiring me, though I can’t really elaborate that. I was just astonished by your reflections in life and how your words resonate with me. 🙂


    1. WanderNine says:

      Thank you! I appreciate this ❤️


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