DE S01E01

It has been weeks since I last posted in my blog and I kind of missed sharing what I’ve been doing lately. Nothing much to expect, guys. This is just me, getting bored and wanting to talk through this platform.

I just got my katinko stick and used it at the back of my head so I can fall asleep quickly (hopefully). But I don’t want to sleep yet because I just ate one pancit canton, two eggs and about a half cup of rice. I don’t know why but pancit canton noodles tastes better when eaten at midnight. So, I just know that I can’t sleep just yet so I grabbed my phone and went to my wordpress app. And here I am, typing this with my 5-year-old iPhone 6s. I need to say that because I’m proud that it is still working well.

With another episode of GCQ bubble, I didn’t feel surprised given how our country is being led. But it made me sad that suddenly, all our hopes are shattered again. We expected for a better year but it feels like we’re back to square one. And this is brutally hurtful for me because I am in a season of waiting. My patience is being tested. Our house in Antipolo is in the finishing stage and even without the pandemic, it is normally a long process. My career move is also in question as to when can I possibly take a chance to explore. See? I’m in a season of waiting and what’s happening around us isn’t helping.

As I did my self-reflection, one thought comforted me. This isn’t the first time that I saw myself waiting. And every time I waited, I realized I was taught with something important. Amongst all others, patience was the one which resonated the most. But now, I think it is something else. It is about trusting ‘your’ process and understanding ‘your’ pace in this life.

I felt like I held onto thoughts of getting milestones at specific periods in my life – not realizing that my plan isn’t His plan. Yes guys, I don’t usually share religious posts but I love Him and I respect Him with all my heart.

So, what do I do now? I’m not exactly sure, really. I am just calmly thinking of what can I possibly do to entertain myself without compromising my safety. And the fact that I’ll be turning 25 in three months keeps popping in my head. I don’t think it’s special but I guess, every birthday feels more precious in this time of pandemic/uncertainty.

Now I’m going back to hugging my pillow and wrapping my body with a blanket. I hope that next time I’ll do a diary episode in this blog, I can update you with something new in my routine.

Keep safe!

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