are you free?

We were together on this rainy afternoon
Talking deeply, laughing, hoping not to end soon
Hours went by and we checked the time
And then we went home, wanting for a next time

As I lay down on my bed, I checked my phone
Eager to send a message, “are you home?”
It was a nice day, I should say
Because I spent it with you, needless to say

I looked at the calendar and it looked the same
But something’s weird in this waiting game
I remembered that our worlds are different
Maybe that’s why I’m being impatient

You live in a world where free time may be at any day
And I live in a world with weekends as my free days
It sucks that I can’t have a regular date with you
But it’s also nice that maybe later, I could be with you

I chose to have it this way
Being uncertain, but always worth the wait
I want you to live your life as it is
And I’ll be here, being happy with what this is

With my morning coffee and a phone in my lap
I was patiently waiting for your name to come up
I am ready for today, hoping you can show up
I was about to stand and then my heart stopped

My day would’ve been happier
As it was every time we miss being with each other
Our day could’ve been better
If you had free time for us to be together

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