For giving a safe space to be myself, I am deeply grateful. From being there to support whatever dream pops out of my mind to being the person I can go to whenever everything falls apart, I really am thankful.

Today is your birthday. You have loved me so much and cared for me for more than two years now. Time flies! But the feelings that you had for me didn’t change a bit. I still feel how thankful you are for my existence. I’m amazed how I can still get you giddy with my corny lines. I know I’m not perfect. I made mistakes in the past. But seeing you stay by my side makes me want to ask God why did I do to have you.

As you turn a year older, I wish I can still make you happy. I may not be good at showing my love, but dear, I will continuously try to be better. This quarantine isn’t easy. Before the pandemic broke out, we normally see each other once a month. And we haven’t seen each other since March. I miss how we enjoyed watching movies inside the cinema theaters, how we enjoyed playing in timezone, how we happily ate chicken wings (or should I say I enjoyed it more?) and how we strolled around the malls since that’s where we usually go to. I badly wanted this pandemic to end for all the valid reasons we may think of, but for us, it’s because I wanted to the same things over and over again. With you.

Since we can’t do so much now, I feel like saying the things that I really wanted to do. First, I want us to go to Baguio. Not for the activities, but for the calmness that place brings to me. I want us to go to places where we can relax and just be together. It may sound boring but that’s romantic for me. Second, I want to travel to South Korea with you. I want us to eat everything there. Not vegetables for you because I know you hate them. I also want to go to the filming locations of some of the k-dramas I fell in love with. And lastly, I wanted to enjoy the weather there with a cup of coffee and me beside you. Third and last, I want us to spend time in our house. This is the best choice. Nothing’s more wonderful than being at home with the person you love. We will order pizza from Papa John’s, chicken wings, and anything that you want to eat/drink. We’ll watch movies, sleep together, talk about anything under the sun, and just lay down in bed.

But those that I mentioned are for the future. Now, I have sent you the link of our play way back 2018 when I had my workshop with PETA. I have never watched it. I never liked watching myself act. But since I love you, I thought that video would be a great gift. Next, I know it would be hard to convince you but I hope you use my credit card details to order anything that you want. I sent you those messages while you’re asleep. I hope it can make you smile once you wake up.

You may wonder what’s with the title. Well, you’re like a blanket to me. You keep me warm. You comfort me when I feel like the universe is not aligning the stars in my favor. You give me the feeling of being safe. And you give me peace by knowing that I have you to get me through the night. Thank you for being my person since June 2018. If there’s anything I’m proud of, is that I chose you every single day since the day we met.

Happiest birthday, my love! 🤍

(Originally posted on July 29, 2020.)

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