….just like you, bts saved me

I never thought I would be making something like this. I must admit, I was one of those who laughed at K-pop fans years ago. I’ve always questioned how you guys enjoyed their music when you can’t even understand a thing?

But when I knew about EXO, I started appreciating their art. The intense trainings for aspiring K-pop idols show results every time they step on stage. I never did understand any of the lyrics from “The Eve” and “Love Shot” but I am smitten with the way their bodies move and how they were coordinated as a performing group. After quite some time, I temporarily stopped watching videos related to K-pop. It was until this year that I was influenced by my two college blockmates with this famous group called BTS.

I don’t need to put on many words to describe how talented they are. It’s a given. With a hefty number of awards here and there, there’s no doubt that they are the big shots right now. But from a fan’s point of view, what is it that I liked about them apart from their singing & dancing prowess?

First, their personalities. They don’t seem to be far-fetched as an idol. You see, army can relate to the seven of them one way or another. Their interviews both show their quirky side and their serious selves with us finding quotable quotes from them.

Before I move on to the other two that I loved about BTS, I would like to share these words from Seok-jin, “You’ll lose what you want to do if you try to satisfy everyone else.” —- how nice, right? It may be something that you’ve already heard a gazillion times but for me, it still sounded relevant. In the society that we have, isn’t it true that we fall into the trap of getting validation from others at some/many points in our lives? If not, good for you but if yes, it’s fine. It’s perfectly normal in this day and age of social media’s peak. But always remember what I shared, don’t lose your core source of happiness from doing what you want because you put the opinion of others before your own.

Second, their art. I’m a sucker for artists who put weight on meanings as much as on aesthetic value. In their songs, I loved how they incorporate different messages that tackle relevant topics such as mental health, women empowerment, life, and many others including self-love. As much as catchy melodies and beats are important in making music, putting messages is also a brilliant idea. You may have made people happy with catchy music but you’ll never know how you can touch people’s hearts with a message embedded in your song’s lyrics.

Third and last on my brain (I honestly think that I can give more but it’s already 2:47 AM and my brain cells aren’t working that much) is their cuteness. Their charm. They’re like kids most of the times when they’re playing around. And I swear, they are fun to watch! Many from the army would agree to me that sometimes, just seeing their cute photos make our mornings good already. They make our hearts flutter without doing anything. And this is something that’s close to magic. Nothing much to explain and nothing to complain about.

As I end this blog post, I also thought about their friendship. This is the group that I want to see growing old together. They are each other’s soulmates. As much as I would like to use reasons but it’s just beautifully weird that I am smiling while typing through my phone just by thinking how BTS made my year feel lighter. And in this difficult time, having something to look forward to every day makes a huge difference from a life just waiting for this pandemic to end.

This won’t probably reach our boys but yes… just like you, bts saved me.

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