When days felt like weeks

You may have seen a lot of people sharing how this pandemic affected them. May it be physically, mentally, or emotionally. I, too, am not exempted on feeling different about this year. I don’t know why but March to December felt like two days apart but the race to end this last month of the year seems like a turtle finishing a 10 KM marathon.

Luckily, I am no stranger in feeling anxious and entering the dark world of depression. I am a proud survivor, so I know how to pull myself up and do something that makes me feel better. This year is my transition to endearing South Korean media. I don’t hide the fact that I love EXO and BTS and I certainly fell deeply in love with K-dramas. I hope people who are feeling down can also find their way to see a glimpse of hope from whatever hobby, activity, or literally just anything that can make them smile and get through each and every day.

The latest K-drama that I’m watching right now is Reply 1988. I’ll make another blog about it because it’s too beautiful not to put in my online journal. But why do I always say that these dramas helped me cope up? I thought of a few answers but this one I think is the most resonating – I’m able to enter an entirely different world from ours. I am deeply attaching myself with the stories and the characters whom I can personally relate with at most times. When my mom was pushing me to watch K-dramas, I always ignored her and found it funny how she perfectly immersed with them. But now I finally understood what she meant and what she felt.

I am still feeling the weight of having this year finished and somehow, I feel scared about what will happen next. It’s psychological for me to be more excited with New Year than with Christmas. I feel like being given another chance to create a new story just because I am living a new year. But this time, it doesn’t feel that way. I still think 2021 will be a little bit better but not that I am excited.

Among all the things that I learned and discovered this year, I want to share the one that I will cherish the most. It’s knowing the small things that lights up your mood. It’s not necessarily finding your passion or your purpose – which has its different weight – but simply thinking of what activities can get you through a day without your job and without anything planned. Doing this is breathing more life into your life. I usually revolved my world around my work thinking that I should do it because it’s my bread and butter. But when the lockdown began and I still had my work, I found myself with this question: who am I after my shift ends?

I hope you do discover new corners of yourself and create more life into life. It doesn’t need to be big or something grand like you are a manager and a restaurant owner at the same time. Life isn’t all about making more money as we age. It’s about living and all the little things that make your heart smile and your soul at peace.

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