How do you feel about mornings?
Is it a new beginning for you?
I guess that’s what most of you would think.
But have you ever wondered that this could mean the end for some?

It’s easy to think of the light brought by the sun as a sign of brighter things to come.
But have you also thought that it can be a sign of what’s gone so now you need to move on with your life?

It’s usual to think of waking up from a good night’s rest as a recharge that we needed to face the day ahead.
But for someone, it can be a reminder that you still need to get up even with a tired heart, a worn out mind and an empty soul.

It’s normal to feel that a good morning is what you need to jump up your day and be the achiever that you are.
But is it ghastly to feel that mornings can make someone frown as she might not want to live the next day?

And when you thought mornings are always for renewed energy, fresh starts, vibrant mood or beginning of a happier journey, someone might feel entirely different.

Someone out there might feel that nights are more comforting.

That darkness is the one that gives them solace.

That mornings feel like another day of anguish.

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  1. Carol says:

    Truly, every word of this post resonates with me. Yes there are those days, mornings. What a perfect descriptive feeling of it! Love this.♥️


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