Cup of coffee at 12:34 AM

This is my first post here. I got inspired by Bela Padilla. She’s Overthinkween here! As much as I’m already talkative, I still find comfort in sharing my thoughts through words. The thought of me looking back at my posts excites me. It’s like a moment captured by a picture. The only difference is that I may have a different interpretation by the time I look back at a certain post. Since the memory was shared through words, I may imagine differently from when I actually wrote the post to the time I’m looking back.

So what’s the relevance of the title? Well, I literally made my coffee before I started typing here in my iPhone 6s. I mentioned the unit because I am in a relationship with this phone for 4 years and 4 months. And I feel like she’s retiring soon.

We’re still under quarantine for four months already and coping with the new normal isn’t easy for everyone. Plus all the happenings in our country? It’s hard to feel at ease. But if I were to see the beauty in chaos, I will say the ff:

1. Angel Locsin should be our last Darna. She embodied what the character stood for. Her contract expired even before the franchise issue heated up but you can see in her actions that she feels for the people affected by the denial of the congress.

2. We are waking up people. I see some celebrities showing their support for abs-cbn. I see people expressing that they feel the need to voice out because the injustices are just too visible to ignore. What I really hope is that those who saw everything can translate their hunger for change in 2022 by voting wisely.

3. Influencers – That this has a meaning. This isn’t something that you just claim. And when you see your power to influence people, use it. Not only when money is involved. Use it more when people need it from you.

4. This is something personal. Not related to the first three. But I celebrated my birthday in June. Under quarantine with very few visitors. And this year I started to change, I won’t have birthday wishes. I’ll have resolutions. And one of those is to continue to write. I’m currently working from home and as much it is draining, I also had more time to think. More time to reflect. I was able to identify what I wanted to do before I grow older in the coming years. So there. Those resolutions are bound to help me do things that matter to me and I really had time to ponder on what those things are.

I’ll end it here. I think I have already shared what’s on my mind right now.

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